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[NOT Be an Intern] WORK for FREE!

Work for FREE! vs. Work for Money

Thru my Instagram account @masterhun , a young gentleman, an IT student, interested in coding DM-ed me. Asking for general career advice.

I advised him to work for free. I didn't tell him to find an internship. I told him to work for free.

And told him he should work for free. In exchange for valuable experience and connections.

However, I don't think he "got" it. He was polite in ending the conversation. But, I sensed, reading between the lines, the context, the subtext. You know. He didn't get it.

Even though, I had mentioned my ten years of IT experience on Wall St. And, from what I know, from others in the IT/software development field. Not from books, magazines, the Internet, or TV.

I know two IT professionals at my current church. One works as a coder at a mega corp. The other works as a cybersecurity professional. And a neighbor is a professional C# coder.

I attempted to give him practical career advice that I really believe would have helped him rocket his IT career ahead of the vast majority of IT wannabees who will never get very far.

Am I wrong?

What do you think?

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