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Why learn to code?

What can a top coder (or software developer/engineer) expect to earn at their peak? If we look at how Google compensates their Google engineers (level 3 to 8), the best of the best can expect a total compensation consisting of salary plus bonuses plus equity (i.e., stock options). FYI: There are no level 1 or 2 Google engineers. Level 3: (Average Total Compensation) $183K/yr. Level 4: (Average Total Compensation) $262K/yr. Level 5: (Average Total Compensation) $347K/yr. Level 6: (Average Total Compensation) $503K/yr. Level 7: (Average Total Compensation) $695K/yr. Level 8: (ATC) $1million+/yr. Even mediocre coders can expect to earn an above-average total compensation. Many small to medium-sized businesses would love to hire the best of the best web developers and software engineers. Of course, they can't afford the best of the best. They have to settle for good enough coders. The best coders usually expect to be paid very well. The reality is that 95% of coders worldwide mathematically can't be the best of the best. The vast majority of coders are average. But because demand is YUGE, and supply is relatively small. Even average coders can expect to be compensated at an above-average level. Links Website: URL: TikTok: "Why learn to code?" URL:

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