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Learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript with FREE Online Resources

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

[Updated: Tuesday, February 25, 2020]

If you interested in learning web development, you do not have to invest thousands of dollars. At least, not in the beginning. Especially, if you have no previous coding experience or training.

First visit and take advantage of the following three free online resources for newbie web developers below.

1. Have you heard of W3Schools [dot] com? W3Schools offers free HTML, CSS, and JavaScript tutorials and exercises. If you do not need tutorials or exercises, then you will want to bookmark W3Schools as a one-stop online reference for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The only criticism you may have is that the W3Schools website is rather bland. Plain vanilla. But many people like plain vanilla.


2. My second pick is SoloLearn [dot] com. Again, it is free. But you do have to create an account to take their online courses. SoloLearn offers HTML, CSS, and JavaScript tutorials. Earn points, test your coding skills with quizzes, and join their forum.


3. My third and last pick is Code [dot] org. This free online coding resource is specifically designed for children (K-12). But if you are an adult who wants to start slowly in your coding journey. Code [dot] org would be a more gentler path to learning coding with Code [dot] org's App Lab and Web Lab.

[Update] 4. Usually, with both web development and coding, you will quickly need an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to handle coding and debugging projects greater than a hundred or two hundred lines of code.

You can take advantage of FREE versions of Visual Studio and PyCharm if your budget is tight. Both are highly regarded IDEs.

Please, check out "10 Best IDE Software: List of Integrated Development Environments (IDE)" by Jenni M.

Young woman learing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript online.
Young woman learning web development

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