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Why Learn to Code?

If you think you or your kids should learn to code to get a job ...

Then you don't get it at all.

Code (software) and the Internet and computers (and smartphones) is eating the world.

It's transforming the world.

But it's not as visible as TVs or radio or the printing press or the industrial revolution.

So, you can fool yourself into thinking the world's not changing dramatically.

So, by learning to code, that should help you to open your BLANK eyes to what is happening and what's to come in the future.

And how you can take advantage of all the many changes that's to come that most people can't see yet.

That's why you want to learn to code.

At least, enough coding, to see it.

Since code is abstract.

In other words, you can't see what's happening inside a computer or what's happening inside a person or people.

In short, code is re-wiring humanity.

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