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Master Hun's New & Improved "Hello, world!" Program

1 // This is a comment.

2 // This is also a comment.

3 // This is Master Hun's New & Improved "Hello, World!" program.

4 var userName = "John Doe";

5 userName = prompt("What is your name?");

6 alert("Hello, " + userName + "!");

This is a short JavaScript program consisting of three lines of code. Line 4 creates a variable labeled userName. Line 5 "prompts" the user for their name. Line 6 pops up an alert box that says, "Hello, [insert user's name]!"

Lines 1 to 3 are examples of comments done badly. Comments are supposed to clearly explain what the code does.

Line 4 uses the var keyword to create a variable named userName. And the variable name is an example of Lower Camel Case.

Line 5 uses the prompt() function to pop up a dialog box to ask the user his/her name. Then assigns the string value into the userName variable.

Line 6 uses the alert() function to pop up an alert box which uses the string in the userName variable.

Note: #MasterHun tested the code with Scratchpad, Firefox's built-in JavaScript editor.

Comples lines and lines of code on a computer screen.
Lines and lines of complex code on a screen.

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