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Fake Coding Classes vs. Real Coding Classes

I have a secret to tell you ...

Most coding classes are ... fake.

A few weeks ago, I posted a short video on my TikTok account (@masterhun). "How do you spot a fake coding class?" As of Nov. 18th, 2019, it has been viewed more than 55K times. With more than 1,500 likes. Seems like I hit a nerve.

The "coding" teacher writes code on a whiteboard.

The students furiously type the code on their laptops. They run the code. The code runs correctly. The output is correct. The code works as expected.

The "coding" teacher congratulates and high-fives the students on a great job.

To an outside observer, this looks like a great coding class. The "coding" teacher is showing the students how to code. The students are "coding" on their laptops. The program works. The output is correct.

So, what's wrong? Why was this a fake coding class?

This was a fake coding class. Because the "coding" instructor didn't bother to ask the students any questions.

Of course, the teacher asking questions and the students giving the right answers doesn't necessarily make it a real coding class either.

Not all. But many students are good at remembering a catechism of test questions and answers. But without actually understanding anything they "learned" in class.

Not only does a real competent coding teacher have to get the students to remember coding concepts. The teacher also has to get the students to understand coding concepts.

But that's not all. There's more. The real coding teacher knows more importantly coding students ultimately have to be able to read code, think in code, and write their own code.

Which isn't easy. I know. I have real world experience teaching coding to kids. It's not easy. But not impossible. But all too tempting to and all to easy to teach a fake coding class. Knowing that 99% of parents and students and administrators wouldn't know the difference.

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